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In a world that often feels disconnected and fragmented, many individuals seek a deeper sense of purpose and spiritual fulfillment. The timeless pursuit of reconnecting with the Divine has been a cornerstone of various religious traditions. For those looking to forge a meaningful bond with God, the Bible offers invaluable guidance, emphasizing the importance of a personal relationship that transcends mere religious practices. The Godians Assembly embraces the mission of reconnecting humanity with God through developing a personal, non-religious relationship with Him.


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Sunday Service

The Spirit of God Part 4 - The Spirit of Counsel

domingo, 10 de setembro de 2023 14:00:00 UTC



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The mission of reconnecting humanity with God transcends religious dogma and traditional practices. Instead, it calls for the development of a personal, non-religious relationship with the Divine, as inspired by the teachings of the Bible. By seeking God with genuine devotion and following the instructions provided in Scripture, individuals can embark on a transformative journey of faith, love, and compassion. Through this intimate connection, one can find true fulfillment, purpose, and harmony, ultimately rediscovering the path that leads back to the heart of God.

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Kolawole Anthony strongly believes God was already aware that faithful evening when he visited Adam in the Garden of Eden that he had disobeyed his instructions; but was hoping Adam would come clean and be sincere and in sincerity ask for mercy. Sincerity has been an underlying principle in Pastor Anthony’s life and ministry, his interactions with people both in ministry and in the marketplace. He believes very strongly that a believer is better off being sincerely wrong than being deceitful because God the judge of all sees and knows all and cannot be deceived by anyone. 

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Kolawole Anthony

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